Best of the West: Our favorite finds at Natural Products Expo 2014

Each March, we head down to sunny Anaheim to the biggest natural products event in the USA to tell people how GladRags can change their lives… and to do some research of our own! Here’s our roundup of the most exciting stuff we discovered at the Natural Products Expo this year.

PACT Organic Undergarments

scott and cuterus wear pact

Cuterus-tested & approved.

This line of organic socks, underwear, and even t-shirts is 100% fair trade and organic. Our favorites were the no-slip secret socks for wearing with flats. Comfy, cute, and guilt-free.

Pacifica 7-Free Nail Polish

It’s not even available yet, but we’re already swooning over Pacifica’s new line of nail polish — free of the top seven yucky chemicals commonly found in nail polish. The colors are amazing, and we can’t wait for them to hit the shelves!

Bhakti Chai Ice Cream



Check out the TINIEST ICE CREAM CONE EVER! It tasted just like chai, and it was delicious.

Boody Bamboo Undies

An Australian brand, Boody makes the softest, most comfortable underwear I’ve ever felt. Made of sustainable bamboo fibers, these undies are naturally breathable and antibacterial. Plus, their logo is hilarious.

Better Life Cleaning Products

We’re loving this eco-friendly line created by two dads who wanted safer cleaning products for their toddlers. They also clear up some common misconceptions about “natural” cleaning products on their super-helpful website.

Chico Bags

There are so many reusable bags out there, but we love Chico’s cross-body bag (and their Benefit Corporation status, too). Super sturdy and cute!

We’ll leave you with this photo of Cuterus waving a B the Change flag. You can see more photos of booth babes (including us!) on the GladRags Instagram.

b the change


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