Cloth Pads Help Orphans in Nepal!

We’ve written before about Izzy, who brings GladRags cloth pads to the orphanage in Nepal where she volunteers. Seeing a need for reliable menstrual protection, Izzy first contacted us way back 2010 to help her provide pads to the young women living at the orphanage.

She recently reached out to us again for more pads, and shared these photos and words of gratitude with us:



“I am happy to have the cloth pads because they are soft and are not harmful to my health. Thank you, GladRags.” -Kabita, 15





 “I like the pads because they can be reused and last longer than the plastic pads.” – Samjhana, 15





“I am happy for the pads because sometimes the girls threw the plastic pads in the garden and inappropriate places.” – Suraj, 15




“The GladRags are comfortable and they don’t pollute the environment.” -Sudha, 15



Big thanks to Izzy and Lia for coordinating this effort to make safe, effective menstrual products available to girls across the globe!

About the author of this post:

tracy is the owner of GladRags and is passionate about period positivity and empowering women everywhere. In her free time, she likes to read, travel, practice yoga, and hang out with her cats.