The Best Advice about Cloth Pads & Menstrual Cups


We polled our Facebook community for their best advice for newbies to cloth pads and menstrual cups and they came through with TONS of great tips! We hope this advice helps anyone who’s considering making the switch. Read on for our customers’ top tips for newbies to reusable menstrual products:

“Unless you have a really really heavy flow, you don’t need to empty your cup in public. I was changing mine every few hours, like I used to with tampons. No need! And empty it when you shower–cleanup is a snap.” – Katie

“You don’t have to go “all in” right away. You can use the cloth during the day with disposables at night, or when you are out, until you’re comfortable enough to switch completely.” – Amanda

“Treat your cloth pads like you do your underwear in the sense that you don’t have one style or size of undies, so let your pad basket reflect diversity too.” – Chris

“Keep trying until you find the right fit/item for you. It’s not one size fits all and you’ll be glad when you find what works for you!” – Jennifer

“My cramps and flow decreased tenfold! Best investment I ever made!” – Victoria

“Have patience. It will take you a few months to get the hang of using a Moon Cup.” – Wendi

“Yes, the start up cost totally sucks, but well worth it because in the end it’s much cheaper!” – Zacci

“Use a dab of water-based lubricant to make inserting a cup easier.” – Jasmine

“As a woman, 28, who NEVER got the hang of tampons and HATED how they felt, I was reluctant to try the Moon Cup-but I bought one anyway. I have had absolutely no problems getting used to and/or using my Moon Cup. The size and feel is so good that I barely notice it’s there at all. Sure, I still use pads, Glad Rags, for most of my cycle now-but the Moon Cup has made my transition so much easier.” – Michelle

“Watch the cleaning videos.” – Elisabeth

“Take some time to try it out first on a day or two when you don’t have to go to work and be under pressure (I guess it depends on your work place). I also carried disposables for a while until I got completely used to it. So worth it!” – Jenny

“It’s SO much more comfortable!!!!!!! K, that’s not advice. But omg they are!” – Mel

Do you have any tips for getting started with reusables? Share them in the comments!