February Challenge: Love Your Body

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we challenged our ambassadors to create a Valentine to their body or their period and share it on social media (a place that desperately needs some body positivity). In a world where women’s bodies are routinely overlooked or objectified, their Valentines are a beautiful celebration of self-love. Here are a few of their creations (shared with permission):



“Here’s my photo collage of a Valentine to my body that I posted on Instagram with some of my favorite song lyrics by Regina Spektor: “I’ve got a perfect body, but sometimes I forget/I’ve got a perfect body cause my eyelashes catch my sweat.” These lyrics have always reminded me that, even when I feel my body image isn’t so great, my body does what it’s supposed to keep me alive and healthy. I picked mostly pictures of me being active to remind myself that my body is awesome for helping me rock climb, run, swim, etc.”



“I made a Valentine not just for my own body but for women’s bodies everywhere. I took inspiration from the fact that I am currently pregnant. It doesn’t get more amazing than that!”





“My Valentine: I’m not a number on a scale, or on a waist-band, or a date of birth, or an income, or a zip code. I’m not a letter on a bra. I don’t need a symbol to define me. I am the sum of my parts. Every wrinkle, scar, gray hair, tattoo, stretch mark, goofy smile, arched eyebrow, expression, and laugh tells my story. I love that woman!”

We hope these Valentines inspire you to think positively about your own body. Tell us what YOU love about yourself in the comments!

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