Using Cloth Pads & Menstrual Cups in the Summer

Summer has arrived! Fortunately, using cloth pads and menstrual cups in the summer is simple, and even better than their disposable counterparts. Read on to find out why reusables are perfect for all the activities of summer!

1. Cloth is breathable; plastic isn’t.

Chafing, heat rash, and odors can all be caused by hot moisture that’s trapped in place by plastic. 100% cotton pads like GladRags allow for plenty of breathability, so they’re more comfortable on sweltering days.

2. Menstrual cups don’t bloat like tampons when you swim.

The first time I used a tampon, it was because I was on vacation and really wanted to go swimming in the hotel pool. My mom warned me that when I removed my tampon after swimming, it would look gross and different than normal. She was right — anyone who has gone swimming knows that tampons look freaky after you go swimming! Menstrual cups like XO Flo are a much better alternative, since they collect your flow rather than absorbing it… and all the pool/lake/ocean water, too.

cloth pads on a clothesline

3. Sunshine naturally fights stains and disinfects.

Want to give a boost to your cloth pad laundry? Hang your GladRags on the line to dry in the sun! They’ll be fresh as a summer breeze with no added fragrance, plus the sunshine will help bleach out any stains.

4. Menstrual cups = no strings attached.

Want to wear that itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini? Go for it. Your XO Flo has no strings attached, and can be worn for up to 12 hours so you can spend more time on the beach and less time in the bathroom.

5. You’re always ready with zero waste supplies

Whether you’re traveling in a foreign country or camping in a national park, having your own supplies can make life a lot easier! If you’re out in the wilderness, having washable products helps you avoid having to pack out used tampons. And, for the record, the bears can not “smell the menstruation!

Personally, my GladRags and menstrual cup have traveled all over the place with me — from visiting family in Puerto Rico where I dried them on a clothesline in a jungle, to a road trip through the American Southwest where I just stashed them in a wet bag until we got back, to spending Thanksgiving at my sister’s place in California. Where have your GladRags been?