Introducing: the GladRags Thong Pantyliner



We are super excited to bring your our brand new cloth pantyliner — made just for thongs! Our product testers had this to say:

“It fit my thong well, and didn’t move around at all. I think it actually made the thong more comfortable, because it was so soft, I barely felt it while walking around and such. I don’t wear thongs very often, but I might start wearing them more – I wear a lot of running shorts and leggings without underwear, but on my period, it might make more sense to wear a thong with this liner for backup with my Moon Cup or just on its own, depending on flow. So, yes I will definitely use this again!” – Iris

“I tried out the pantyliner prototype today, and I found it very comfortable! I wore it on a light day so all by itself. It fit really well with the thong underwear and stayed in place. I put it on and immediately liked how it made the thong so comfortable because of how soft it is. I would definitely use it again.” – Renae

We can’t wait to hear what YOU think!

P.S. Our product testers are GladRags Ambassadors — click here to learn how you can become an ambassador and be eligible to try new products before they’re released.

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