Meet our Models

You know what’s hard to photograph? People using our products! Any shots of our products in action are really just photos of people doing their thing. So we have to get a little creative, which inspired our most recent photoshoot of GladRags in their many natural habitats: the bathroom at home, the laundromat, in a purse at work, a dresser drawer…

We’d like to introduce you to our wonderful models — who are also honest-to-goodness GladRags fans: meet Carrie, Rujuta, and me, Kate!



Name: Carrie
Age: 36
Occupation: Writer, Social Media Manager, and Recipe Generator at Our Stable Table and weekly contributor to The Leaky Boob

What was modeling like?  When I was 11, I was in a fashion show for JC Penny at my local mall. The guy who was styling us told me to “suck it in” and tightened my hot pink belt so tightly, I could barely breathe. That was the end of my modeling career because I liked breathing more than modeling.When my fantastic friends at GladRags asked me to do a little photo shoot for them, I said HELL YES. Because redemption. And I’m happy to say they never asked me to suck any thing in.

What do you like best about GladRags and reusable menstrual products? The Moon Cup has changed my whole perspective about what I’m putting IN my body. I love that I’m no longer inserting mystery chemicals and synthetic materials into my vagina.  I mean, how scary is that?  Give me washable silicone or latex any day.  I also really love how I don’t have to worry about changing anything every couple of hours.

Tell us one funny period story!  Well, that will take way too long.  I wrote it for you on my blog instead.



Name: Kate
Age: 21
Occupation: Full time student / college admission intern

What was modeling like? Pretty easy, actually! I was expecting it to be a little bit awkward but it felt really natural, and surprisingly quick.

What do you like best about GladRags and reusable menstrual products? Besides being easy to use, GladRags are really pretty. I’m all about period positivity and they make getting my period more fun. Plus, the reduced environmental impact of reusables means a lot to me– I’m an environmental studies major, so I think a lot about how to reduce the amount of trash we all make!

Tell us one funny period story! A few years ago my partner and I were at his mother’s house, fooling around on her very nice white couch… and of course, I got my period and left a huge red stain on the pristine white cushion! We flipped the cushion, and luckily she got a new couch before ever noticing. Close one!



Name: Rujuta
Age: 42
Occupation: Public Health/Social Justice

What was modeling like? Easier than I thought. The lovely women of GladRags were so great to work with.

What do you like best about GladRags and reusable menstrual products? Knowing that I’m not putting toxic things in my body, and then trashing the environment with them after I’m done.

Tell us one funny period story! When I first got my period in 7th or 8th grade, I freaked out and wanted to stay home from school. My mom didn’t know how to handle it, so she contacted the school counselor, who happened to be a socially awkward 70 year old man. He called me into his office and we had “a talk.” Thanks, mom?!

Thanks to all of our wonderful models for helping us spread the word about reusables! We love taking pictures of real people who love our products. If you live in Portland and want to be considered for our next photoshoot, get in touch!


kateAbout the author of this post:
Kate is a summer intern at GladRags, and a feminist with a passion for period positivity. She starts her senior year at Reed College this fall, where she’ll write her thesis on climate change policy.