8 Tips for Period Positivity

It’s sometimes hard to feel good about your period in a world where people– especially women– are made to feel ashamed of their bodies and what they do. But at GladRags, we’re all about period positivity! So we’re sharing our best tips for positive thinking when it’s that time of the month.

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1. Don’t be afraid to talk about it! Feeling like you can’t talk about your cramps, or having to change your pad, only makes things worse! Menstruating is a totally normal thing and it should be talked about that way, as just another part of life.

2. Treat yourself during your period. Make your time of the month something you look forward to– a time to relax, give yourself a break, and eat some chocolate.

3. Use reusables. We’re taught to use disposables as a way of distancing ourselves from our periods, and being able to just throw the evidence of it away, sometimes even using chemicall-y scented products. Using cloth pads and cups are a great way to get over the “gross” factor of being on your period.

4. Find positive ways to think about your period. Don’t call it negative things like “the curse.” That doesn’t mean you have to use strictly clinical terms! Call it something positive, or goofy, or fun. Some of our favorites include “shark week,” “red badge of courage,” and “surfing the crimson wave.”

5. Learn about your cycle. Your uterus is a crazy-amazing thing! Don’t be ashamed of it– take the opportunity to learn about what makes your cycle the way it is. Chances are, you’ll learn some things you didn’t hear in high school sex ed.

6. Make it a new way to think about your health. There are many holistic health practices that women use to interact with their period, manage PMS, or monitor their fertility. Exploring new methods of menstrual health and wellness can be an interesting and empowering way to celebrate your period. One good guide for beginners is A New Cycle.

7. Use it as a way to connect to nature. Having a period is a natural process. Many women find it a good time to reflect on their bodies as a part of nature, the significance of their monthly cycle, and a way to practice fertility awareness. Charting your period alongside the calendar of the moon is one common practice of connecting menstruation and nature.

8. Use it as a way to connect to others. About 50% of the world can relate to the experience of having a period– chances are, someone around knows what its like! Participate in a red tent event in your area, or make your own monthly tradition with friends. (Monthly movie nights with friends and popcorn are sure to cure PMS.)


kateAbout the author of this post:
Kate is a summer intern at GladRags, and a feminist with a passion for period positivity. She starts her senior year at Reed College this fall, where she’ll write her thesis on climate change policy.