22 Years of GladRags!

July marked another year of reusable fun for GladRags, and that called for a celebration with as many people who have contributed to our continued success as possible! We set up a pamper picnic at beautiful Laurelhurst Park in Southeast Portland. In addition to treating ourselves, we also left no room for doubt that our favorite color is red. Our friend, Susan, who is the leading lady of Moondays, kindly let us use her amazing Red Tent décor to set the mood!


Light-fare, including caprese salad skewers complete with garden-grown tomatoes, was served with lemonade and cucumber water to wash it down. Some ladies brought their own wine and La Croix to really treat themselves!



Red nail polish and fierce temporary tattoos (adhered with sea sponges!) united the merry-makers in display of their bold and playful sides. Guests and hostesses alike couldn’t get enough of the Black Cat Tarot or Goddess Oracle Yoni readings. My wise woman card, Morgan Le Faye, urges me to embrace my personal rhythms– something all of us menstruators might take to heart.



Everyone decorated a “GladRag” and hung it up on the clothesline for a chance to win one of the awesome prizes from our friends at Bitch Media, PALACE on Burnside, PBJ’s Grilled, and Erika Moen author of the coveted Oh Joy Sex Toy. The biggest winner was GladRags, because now we have a sweet new decoration in our office to remember this happy day and everyone who attended.


It wouldn’t be a birthday party without some games (or gratuitous period paraphernalia) so we played “Pin the Egg on the Uterus.” Everyone left a winner once we busted open the tampoñata filled with slap bracelets, bubbles, and lots of red candy!




Speaking of “Ditching the Disposables,” we also wrapped up our summer initiative to swap out a disposable (unused and wrapped) menstrual product in exchange for a GladRags pantyliner. All donations (almost 600!) will be donated to Bradley Angle House. We aren’t the least bit surprised that our amazing community overflowed our collection jar by the end of the day– You all rock!



All in all, it was a blast to mingle with our family, friends, fans, and future/former GladRags users.  The Cuterus Fairy is aflutter answering our wishes for many more years of Cups and Cloth!



About the author of this post:

Deborah is a summer intern at GladRags who loves books, Madonna, and reusable menstrual products. She lives in Portland with her husband, cat, and — sometimes — foster kittens!