We Stand for Women’s Health

Here at GladRags, our office is pretty small. Cozy, even – especially when Meagan’s dogs are snoozing away in the corner. Our desks sit within a few feet of each other, which means that between spreading period positivity and mailing packages, we can comfortably talk.

Sometimes that means chatting about weekend plans or cat videos, but other times we discuss deeper issues, you know, the stuff that everyone else is talking about on social media. Though our opinions often differ (because diversity is what makes the world go ’round!), we share many of the same values. And we’re pretty confident that if GladRags’ customers and fans were here in the office with us, they’d join in the conversation, too.

We learn from each other’s experiences and stories, so we’re always up for a chat. Plus, it helps us keep doing what’s working well, and fix what needs fixing. And, let’s be honest, not everyone is ready to hear about, let alone use, reusable menstrual products, even though we’re confident they’re better for our health. That’s why it always feels so great when we get answers and comments on Facebook, testimonials in our inbox, even encouraging notes on order forms. Your notes remind us that it’s our role as a wellness company to educate, support, and provide safe and healthy options. And when you stand with us, we can do our job better. Notes of support matter.

Which is why we feel like we need to drop a note, too. Planned Parenthood is often treated like its conversations need to be silenced, and unfortunately that has reached a critical point. So our tiny team at GladRags wants to pull up a chair and add our individual and collective voice. We may not agree on everything, but we do share an important, key value: women’s health. Planned Parenthood helps millions of people (they serve women, men, and trans* folks) each year address wellness and health issues.

In fact, all of us here at the office have turned to Planned Parenthood for their health services at one time or another, because we knew we could trust them with our health and well-being, and they were affordable and accessible, no matter where we were. So we want to offer our own note to Planned Parenthood, to say now, louder than ever: “Thank you for educating us, helping us, and providing us with safe and healthy options. We stand behind you.”

cuterus stands with planned parenthood

Please feel welcome to leave your own note of support in the comments.