Detox Your Box in 2016

New Year, New Cycle!

You may have already ditched half the resolutions on your list (ask us how we know …) but there’s still a chance to enjoy a happier menstrual cycle in 2016. Here are some suggestions from our team to you to help you detox your box in the new year!


Take Note

Write your period a short letter, ie. “Dear My Menses, You’ve been a real pain in the uterus, but this year, I’m giving you an upgrade. Meet your new reusable friends, the cloth pad and menstrual cup. Love, Me.” Then next January, write your period a new letter and notice any differences.

Commit to Reusables

Cloth pad and cup users have consistently reported shorter, lighter and less painful periods. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? If you’ve been considering the switch but are hesitant, you’re not alone. Read what obstacles others had when considering the switch (and how they overcame them!).

Get a Steam Clean

We’d say the jury’s still out on V-Steams (yes, as in steaming your vagina) but really, it comes down to a jury of one. You. We asked an expert about the why, the how, and the whaaaaa??? of V-Steaming. See the full story here.

Eat Chocolate

Like we had to tell you this. There are so many delicious and wonderful foods and beverages that will not only nourish your body, but will soothe your cycle. Check out this list for a few ideas.

Flow with your Flow

Yoga as a regular practice is endlessly beneficial for your body and mind, but if you can’t commit to it regularly, give these 5 poses a try to improve your menstrual health and comfort!

Make it a Ritual

Your body has a rhythm! That’s so cool. And whether your rhythm is on the spot with every 28 days or, like mine, every 16 – 27, embrace the time as something to celebrate, a biological wonder that makes you truly divine. Learn some tricks for making your cycle a ritualistic part of your life here.

Are there any tips that you’d add to this list? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment and let us know if you intend on giving your cycle a fresh start in 2016!