23 Years of GladRags

Sometimes people can’t imagine the idea of a cloth pad company not only surviving, but thriving. It is always a pleasure to point out to these doubting Thomases the date GladRags was established: July 27th, 1993. BOOM.

However satisfying that may be, it is far more enjoyable to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to our lovely, loyal customers. Thank you for your twenty three years of support, your orders (and the sweet notes you leave us in your order comments), your conversations with friends that are helping to erase the period taboo, and your refusal to believe that persistent societal message that menstruating bodies are somehow unclean. You are wonderful, and you are changing the world.

Here’s to the next 23 (and more) years!

gladrags is 23

Ain’t no party like a menses party, ’cause a menses party happens every 28 to 35 days or so.