Press Release: GladRags Announces New Branding


August 10, 2016 (Portland, OR) – GladRags debuted in 1993, then a small home-based cloth pad business. Though GladRags quickly outgrew the extra bedroom in the founder’s home, to this day GladRags remains a small business with a handful of employees, but with an international presence. With the company now at 23 years old, GladRags CEO, Tracy Puhl, decided it was time to give the brand a makeover, much in the same way the brand advocates for menstruators to “Makeover Aunt Flo”.

gladrags logo 2016

Working with the team at local creative agency, Murmur Creative, the goal was to create a new logo that reflected their product (reusable cloth pads) while exuding a visual representation of their primary mission: to provide high quality, sustainable products and positively transform the experience of menstruation. The final logo is a playful and bright design that features a distinctive cloth pad, which bears a strong resemblance to an hourglass (hinting at not only the – mostly – predictable menstrual cycle, but also the longevity of their product). Featured on each end of the cloth pad are a heart and a blood drop, in cheerful tones of poppy, bare, and crimson. Yes, this is about blood. And yes, GladRags says it’s something to celebrate, not hide.

2015 was declared “The Year of the Period”, and GladRags has been among the leading contributors to the online discussion around menstruation, of breaking the taboo, of body positivity, and the opportunity to “ditch disposables” in favor of a healthier planet, healthier bodies, and happier periods. GladRags has declared 2016 to be “The Year of Reusables” with the hashtag #Reuse2016, confident that the growing and open discussions around menstruation will lend significant weight to an increase in people switching from disposable tampons and pads, to reusable menstrual cups and cloth pads. With their bold and fun new branding, GladRags is not only embracing period positivity on a product level, but in every piece of their brand’s communication.

The new branding is visible now on all of GladRags online channels, but will slowly roll out across packaging and in retail spaces, as GladRags will continue to use the packaging inventory on-hand to avoid creating unnecessary waste.

Former GladRags Logo

Former GladRags Logo