Period Cravings: Pecan & Chevre Grape Bites Recipe


In the week leading up to my period, I’m plagued with some serious PMS cravings for both cheesy and sweet treats. While pizza and ice cream can definitely satisfy this urge, ordering delivery usually leaves me feeling bloated and kind of icky. On the other hand, this recipe (if you can even call it that, it’s SO simple) for Pecan & Chevre Grape Bites provides the same satisfying feeling without wrecking my stomach for the next two days. The chopped pecan coating provides a nice crunch, while the chilled grapes are delightfully crisp, and the whole thing is rounded out with the delicious mild creaminess of the chevre. Yum!

Gather your ingredients. Fortunately, you don’t need to be very precise to make these tasty bites! I used about one cup of pecans, six ounces of goat cheese, and a medium bag of grapes. Feel free to use green grapes instead of red, or try other nuts in place of the pecans. I recommend Vermont Creamery‘s fresh goat cheese log. It’s my favorite both for flavor and texture, and (like GladRags!) Vermont Creamery is a certified Benefit Corporation, which means they’ve chosen to hold themselves to a higher standard and use their company as a force for good.


After rinsing your grapes, individually coat them in the chevre. This can be a little awkward at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it! At first, the goat cheese won’t want to stick to the grape, but as soon as you get a small layer on the skin of the grape, it becomes much easier to smush on more cheese.

Roughly chop your pecans, then roll your cheese-covered grapes in the nuts to thoroughly coat. Chill the finished bites before serving.

And voila! Your delicious Pecan & Chevre Grape Bites are complete! Bring them to a potluck or snack on them throughout the day for a treat that won’t leave you feeling yucky. Aside from chopping the nuts, this recipe is a great kid-friendly activity, too!