Why We Love Biokleen Bac-Out

What with everything being so heart-shaped this week, it seems like a great time to talk about something we love. If you browse the website, peek into the GladRags office, or look at our own personal cleaning supplies (though ideally you will only do that first one!), you’ll find a green bottle filled with a magical elixir – Biokleen’s Bac-Out Stain and Odor Remover! If you’ve never tried it, or never heard of Biokleen, allow us to explain why we give an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

  • Bac-Out works great to fight bloodstains, which is of course the main reason a GladRags user might need it! It uses live enzyme cultures to break down stains, making them easier to rinse away and leaving the fabric fresh.
  • Live enzymes are great for all kinds of biological stains, not just blood, so if you’re a cat lady (like me) you’ll always keep a bottle of Bac-Out on hand to deal with pet issues. I love the fresh lime scent almost as much as I love knowing that all traces of cat barf have been enzymatically removed from my couch!
  • Speaking of pets, all Biokleen products are safe to use around them – which means you don’t have to hover around the area you just cleaned trying to keep your furry friend away from it.
  • Howdy neighbor! Biokleen is just 10 miles away, which helps us in our quest to keep things local. It’s important to them, too; their products are manufactured on-site.
  • Another shared value? Recyclable packaging!

Lest you think the Bac-Out fan club is just the GladRags office, I’ll leave you with some love notes from our customers:

A few drops a day makes a big difference for soaking (I haven’t had a single stain since using this product) and a bottle will last a long time. The lime scent is quite pleasant. Recommended!

Here is why I love Bac-Out: It takes the teenyest amount. So you get a lot of use for your money. I do use the enamel soaking pot and sometimes we ladies do not have time to change the water each night, if you have a new born especially, and a lil squirt of this and a stir of the used pads, no worries. It has a pleasant very faint lime scent which does not linger on pads after washing. I have had no issues with it causing my allergies to flare. I came into the reusable world because I was tired of having a UTI or yeast infection after each cycle no matter what I used even organic. The live enzymes are absolutely great never have a stain. The GladRags site has loads of info on this product as well. I do intend to buy more when I run out. -mmjmmdmm