Personal Care: DIY Toothpaste

Of all the trends that have gone mainstream — man buns, planking, pumpkin spice flavored everything — it’s zero waste that I desperately want to become the new norm. Despite a homegrown life habit to minimize my footprint, I’ve known there are other things I can be doing to head toward zero waste. It simply took me paying closer attention to things I need, versus things I perceive as a convenience. Boxed cereal is a recent example. As a mom to two school-age kids, boxed cereal is inexpensive, it’s convenient, and it’s easy to overlook in the game of striving toward zero waste. But I brought the kids into the conversation, and now once a week or so we make a new batch of granola from bulk ingredients, and have successfully kicked the boxed cereal habit. As I’m discovering in my own life, it simply means looking harder for ways to cut back on waste.

I’ve been using homemade shampoo for a few years now, so I decided to step up my bathroom zero waste game, and once the last drop was squeezed from my tube of Tom’s of Maine, I searched for a well-reviewed homemade toothpaste recipe, and I went for it. I found this one from Wellness Mama, and I’m on 3 months now and ab-so-lute-ly loving it! My teeth feel clean, they don’t feel sensitive to cold like they did before, and I swear they’re whiter. Plus, my dentist is fully on board. Do I sound like a commercial? I totally do. But I’m not selling you on a product. I’m selling you on a non-product. When you start to truly cut back on waste, you’ll notice that you simply can’t be bought like before, and the commercials and ads that fill up every single inch of marketable space don’t pertain to you. I love that feeling.

I’m still working through the batch of toothpaste that I made 3 months ago, but my 8 year old daughter told me she wanted some of her own, and she wanted orange-flavored. So I pulled out the ingredients again (with enough left to make probably 4 more years’ worth of toothpaste) and whipped up her own batch.

What you’ll need:

A lidded container or jar to store your toothpaste
5 tbsp Calcium Powder
2 tbsp Baking Soda
3 tbsp Xylitol Powder
5 tbsp Coconut Oil (or enough to get the texture you want)
3-4 drops of Essential Oil (Peppermint, Cinnamon, and Orange are my favorites)

Mix it all together in a bowl until you have the texture you like. Then spoon into your container or jar. I usually just dip my toothbrush into the container, but I cut the end off of a bamboo utensil that’s been floating around in the silverware drawer for ages, and my daughter uses that to scoop a little bit of toothpaste from the jar onto her toothbrush. I keep a smaller lidded container ready for when I travel.

You don’t need a ton of toothpaste on your brush, and yes, it will feel different than what you’re used to. But you’ll become familiar with it quickly, and I just bet, you’ll even love it.

See the full article at Wellness Mama to learn more about the ingredients and the science behind remineralization.