Our Office Stopped Using Toilet Paper… And You’ll Never Guess What We’re Doing Instead

As you can tell from our products and packaging, one of GladRags’ core values is environmentalism. We work hard to implement eco-friendly practices into daily life at the office, and we do a pretty good job – recycling, composting, bringing our own cups to the coffee shop, reusing office supplies from our communal stash, etc. Thing is, we’ve always felt that we had a final frontier to conquer: the bathroom. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve switched to Coworker Cloth!

Insert used cloth hee

Insert used cloth here

What is Coworker Cloth, you ask? It’s our version of ‘family cloth’, which refers to cloth wipes that are used instead of toilet paper for a greener bathroom experience. And honestly, with only four of us here at GladRags, we really do feel like a family! The cloth wipes are washed by hand in the bathroom sink each day, and in order to enhance the cooperative aspect, we take turns doing it. Nothing brightens my day like coming into the office and seeing all our little wipes hanging on the shower rod to dry! Sometimes we hang them outside, which makes ’em extra fresh. If we forget to bring them inside in the morning, though, it means the first person to use the bathroom will find themselves clothless. Luckily, this Coworker Cloth experience has brought us all closer together; we’re all pretty comfortable with calling out: “I NEED THE CLOTH!” and waiting for someone to bring us the line-dried wipes.



What else is there to say about this new development in the GladRags office? Oh yeah…APRIL FOOL!

All joking aside, if you use family cloth at home, we salute you and your super eco-friendly ways! While we have a tight-knit team here, we’re just not that close. Yet. 😉