Zero Waste Bathroom: Dental Care

At GladRags our focus is on menstruation, on undoing the taboo around menstruation and providing safe, comfortable, and affordable menstrual care options for everyone. We believe strongly in the work we do, but we also know that menstruation is just a tip of the iceberg: we need to consider ALL of the ways in which we care for our bodies, and how the methods and products we use impact our planet and our overall health. So today’s topic is … TEETH!

Every plastic toothbrush, every empty tube of toothpaste, and every plastic container of dental floss you’ve ever had in your life is still in a landfill somewhere. Yikes!! But dental health is the gateway to body health, and we have to take good care of our teeth. Fortunately there are plastic-free, DIY, and compostable/biodegradable dental care options that will still keep your pearly whites in great shape without adding to the plastic garbage pile.

choose Bamboo over plastic

Bamboo toothbrushes are a great alternative to their plastic counterparts. Although the nylon bristles will need to be pulled out and thrown away, the bamboo handles can easily be composted in a backyard or commercial compost. There are several bamboo toothbrush brands on the market, but we’ve recently fallen for these bamboo brushes from WowE Lifestyle. We love that you get 4 of them in a box and they’re each individually numbered (so no confusion between roommates or family members!).

diy toothpaste

You can easily make your own waste-free toothpaste and mouthwash and skip the plastic packaging! Try Kelli’s recipe for toothpaste on our blog, or check out this simple mouthwash recipe from Going Zero Waste.

Plastic-free Floss

I’m super excited to try out this biodegradable floss from Dental Lace–it even comes in a pretty re-fillable package!

Dental health — like menstrual health — is critical to our overall wellness. And collectively we’ve come a long way in regards to hygiene and health education. But it would be a step backward to assume that the grocery store aisle that’s filled with an endless array of commercial toothbrushes and a wide variety of toothpaste formulas and flavors is fundamental to our health. So let’s keep having the conversation in order to continue our hygiene and health education, without the nasty ramifications of overflowing landfills and a global addiction to plastic. Then we’ll really have something to smile about.