Why XO Flo Beats Tampons Every Time

There’s a myth in town that needs busting: the menstrual cup is just an alternative to tampons; different look, same job. I wish I could give tampons that much credit, but sadly, they’re just sitting on the bleachers while XO Flo hits home runs. Here are XO Flo’s superior qualities – read ’em and weep (with joy)!

Way more comfortable
Soft medical-grade silicone makes for one smooooooooth cup. XO Flo is flexible and easy to insert and remove. To anyone who has ever pulled (or more like dragged) out a semi-dry tampon, we feel ya, but there’s a solution for that! Silicone is non-porous, which means that XO Flo simply collects your flow while leaving the natural moisture of your vaginal walls intact.

Brag-worthy capacity
A regular tampon can hold about 5 ml of blood. XO Flo? 38 ml. ‘Nuff said.

Up to 12 hours of protection
You read that right: XO Flo can be worn safely for up to 12 hours. Of course, this also depends on your flow, but for many people it can mean not having to change it for the entire day, or being able to wear it overnight and then some. It’s what everyone wishes their tampon could do when they check the clock and realize: “Shoot, time to change it already?”

Not trash waiting to happen
A used tampon is basically synonymous with garbage. A used XO Flo is just waiting to go back for another round! No matter what level of “green” your lifestyle is, I think we can all agree that creating less waste is best.

A wallet’s best friend
With XO Flo, you pay once and have every cycle covered for years. With tampons, you’re stuck in the loop of continuous spending. Think of what you could do with freed-up tampon money!