Dog Days of Summer Giveaway!

Triple digit temps getting you down? Have the brakes been slammed on your efforts to summer harder than you’ve ever summered? Well before you melt into a puddle of waylaid intentions, we have some tips to help reinvigorate your summer mojo! Read on, and enter to win prizes from GladRags, Urban Moonshine, Synergy Organic Clothing, and Magic Carpet Yoga Mats!

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Tip #1 – “Wear natural fiber clothing! Natural fibers are breathable allowing your body to cool more efficiently. Synthetic fibers trap perspiration and cause your body to sweat more because your skin can’t breathe. Wearing natural fibers (like organic cotton!) allows your body to regulate its temperature naturally.” – Chelsea, Synergy Organic Clothing

Tips #2 and #3 –Sun tea! Connecting sun, plants and water is such a vibrant way to bring summer magic into our daily rituals. Plus, it’s like drinking liquid sunshine, after fresh herbs have sat in the blazing sun all day, infusing into fresh water. Over ice, these teas are perfect for the humid summer months and offer a refreshing way to stay hydrated. I drink it throughout the day and add herbs that are energizing, adaptogen-rich and aromatic.

To make sun tea: Fill a jar about halfway with fresh plants, cover with water, and let the sun work its magic! Some favorite herbs to use are Tulsi, Elderflower, Lemon balm, anise hyssop, chamomile, red clover and rose.

Energy Tonic! I am obsessed with this product during the summer months. In Vermont, we wait all year for summer, and I am not about to miss out on lake life, mountain adventures and time spent with friends and family. When living an active and busy lifestyle, it’s important to take measures ahead of time to prevent burnout. This energizing adaptogenic formula supports your adrenal system and boosts stamina and endurance. It’s fast acting, without the effects of stimulants, while slowly nourishing and building to your adrenal system. It restores mental alertness and pushes back against fatigue. It combines some of the most widely used adaptogenic herbs to protect your body from the depleting effects of stress.Used as a daily tonic, the formula can help energize, support healthy athletic performance and boost stamina, help restore mental alertness when experiencing fatigue and enhance your experience of general health and well-being. I’ve used it to wean myself off of caffeine in the afternoons, and to keep up with all the summertime activities I can never say no to!” – Aisling, Urban Moonshine


Tip #4 – “Find your best time of day and protect it. For me, I’m most productive in the morning, so I skip a morning shower and optimize that time to get done the top items on my to-do list. And when my midday crash starts to roll on in, I put the tasks aside and take a shower, followed up with some simple stretches and headstands. It’s like giving a re-birth to my whole day!” – Kelli, GladRags


Tip #5 – “Insulated water bottles are my JAM and I’ve recently purchased a coffee cup style lid so I can transition between hot and cold. I love it and it helps me not spill all over the place! I also recently acquired a metal straw and a special mason jar lid to go with it. I think drinking out of a straw is fun and the lid also helps prevent spilling in the car, etc. My new favorite thing is to add a few drops of lavender tincture to ice water on a hot day. It is beyond delicious and also very soothing and calming.” – Sophie, Magic Carpet Yoga Mats