The Two Best Folds for XO Flo

One of the best things about seeing people interact with our XO Flo cup is watching them hold it up, baffled, saying: “But how do you get it in?” They’re about to be blown away by the fact that all you’ve gotta do is fold it, and voilà! – you’re looking at a cup that’s ready to be inserted. To illustrate how to harness XO Flo’s super flexibility, here are its two best folds:

The Punch-Down

punch-down fold

This fold consists of pressing the rim into the body of the cup. It’s customizable in the sense that you can push the rim in as much or as little as you want. What’s nice about this fold is that it makes the top of the cup very small if you push the rim all the way down, which is great for anyone who wants the initial point of insertion to be as slim as possible. Another good thing about the punch-down is that it allows the cup to pop open more gently, if you normally find the sensation of your cup popping open to be uncomfortable.

The C-Fold


For the c-fold, simply press one side of the cup while using your other hand to fold it in half. This gives you a fold where the cup is of uniform width the whole way down (the punch-down makes the top of the cup smaller, while the base remains the same). If you’re looking for a technique that allows your cup to pop open quickly and easily, this is the fold for you!