Tell Us How You REALLY Feel…

We asked our friends on social media to complete the statement: “When I first learned about cloth pads & menstrual cups, I…” We were thrilled with all the honest answers! From excited to downright disgusted, here’s a sample of the diverse quotes we got. I bet you’ll recognize your own thoughts in some of these!

“When I first learned about cloth pads & menstrual cups, I…”

Krissy: “…was excited. I started using the cup first then moved to cloth pads. I enjoy not going to the store monthly for pads. I’m reducing my carbon footprint one cycle at a time. #clothpads#periodpostive”

Laura: “…was intrigued! I never liked disposable pads or tampons, so the cup sounded like a miracle to me (and it was!). It wasn’t long before I was using cloth panty liners as a backup, rather than the disposable ones. In that case, I just wanted extra protection against the occasional leak, and hated wasting all that garbage. Been going strong with reusables for at least 14 years now, if not longer.”

Amy: “…was kind of grossed out. But I have a cup now and think it’s pretty much the best thing ever invented.”

Imogen: “…laughed and said who on earth would consider using them. four years later i am in love with them and my menstrual cup and wouldn’t ever go back to disposables! 💎💜💙”

Adrea: “…realized I would be able to stop creating waste with all the “stuff”. I bought my first glad rags in 1997 at the Whole Foods I worked for. Still have them, and have added a few since!😍”

Aubrey: “…was intrigued, but way too nervous to actually try cloth pads or cups. Somehow reusables kept showing up though in podcast conversations, blog posts, and social media and the idea was becoming more and more appealing. It wasn’t until I found out that a friend used a cup though that I actually worked up the courage to give it a shot. Now I will NEVER go back and talk about reusables all the time 😂”

Donna: “…thought it sounded like the grossest thing ever. Researched products for almost 10 years. I made the switch 1.5 yrs ago & now I wonder why I waited so long.”

Deborah: “…was told they were more comfortable and inexpensive, in the long run, than disposables and wondered if it were true. When I tried them, I wished I had started using them much earlier.”

Candace: “…was already cloth diapering, so the thought of washing pads was pretty fine. I was happy to take the plunge!”

Nicole: “…was so curious my friend was subjected to 20 questions 🙂”

Talls: “…always had such pain from contact dermatitis and disliked tampons. The menstrual cup along with cloth pads changed all of this. Single use liners (I use liners daily) made me dry, discomfortable and caused irritation and using cloth liners have been literally life-changing.”

Kitra: “…needed to learn more but was soon a convert. And I still have half of the GladRags pads I bought 18 years ago! (My ex-wife has half of them because I was too nice and let her take half the stash when we split.)”