How Many Cloth Pads Do I Need?

So you’ve made the decision to switch to reusables. Fantastic! Most likely you’ve read about how to choose the pads you’ll need, and maybe you’ve even got a cute pattern wishlist, but you’re still confused about one important thing: how many pads do you actually need? The answer will differ depending on a few factors, such as your budget and laundry schedule, but it’s easier to figure out than it seems! Remember, you don’t need to go all in to get started with cloth; you can simply start by supplementing your disposable products with cloth pads at a rate you feel comfortable with. But if you’re ready to get started with a full set, here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Figure out which reusables will replace your disposables. 

GladRags products are just as absorbent as their disposable counterparts (but way more comfortable and breathable!), which is a helpful fact when making the switch. For example, our Pantyliners will absorb the same amount as your standard disposable pantyliners, and our Day Pads are equivalent to regular disposable pads. The ‘Plus’ sizes (like the Pantyliner Plus and Day Pad Plus) are longer and wider, so they have the same absorbency, but more coverage. Knowing which of our products will suit your needs is the crucial first step!

Step 2: Look at how many products you use each day of your period.

Say you have three medium/heavy days where you use pads – how many do you go through? What about during those nights – do you use a longer pad, like our Night Pad? How many pantyliners come into play on your lighter days, or when you’re spotting? Figuring out how many GladRags you’ll need means looking at how often you change your current pads. By tallying the number of each style of disposable you use during your cycle, you’ll be able to see how many reusables it adds up to!

Step 3: Build your collection!

Now that you’ve estimated the total number of cloth items needed for your cycle, you can decide how to proceed with actually getting them. Some people choose to buy the full amount, while others opt to get about half of what they need and simply plan to do laundry midway through their period. A great way to start out is with one of our Value Kits, which consist of different combinations of GladRags styles. No matter your flow or cycle length, you’re bound to find a kit that can efficiently (and affordably!) kick off your collection. Each style of pad and pantyliner comes in multi-packs too, so you can always start or supplement your stash with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Phew! Not so bad, right? A quick peek at your current essentials, a few calculations, and voilĂ ! You can put together your perfect set in no time flat.