Period Cravings: Berry Momos!

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. But what the world may need more are momos, sweet momos. Momos are Nepal’s darling dumplings, and across the globe different cultures dine on their own version: gyoza, pierogis, samosas, ravioli, etc. Fill your momos with savory veggies or cheesy potatoes. Steam them or lightly fry them. And then use the leftover dough for berry-filled momos! (I find the sweet momos are better lightly fried instead of steamed.) 

berry momo ingredients

Dough Ingredients:

3 Cups flour
1 Tbsp Oil
1 Cup Water
Coconut Oil (for frying)


Your favorite berries, diced.

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl until the dough comes together into a ball. Add more flour if needed. Let the ball of dough rest, covered, for about an hour or longer. (Unused dough can also be refrigerated and used within a few days.)

berry momo dough

Separate the ball into smaller dough balls, about 2” across. Flatten or roll out the smaller dough balls into circles, with the edges thinner than the middle (so that your berries don’t break through!).

berry momo circle

Spoon a small amount of the berry filling into the center of each circle.

berry momo filling

Then, working your way around the circle, pinch the dough closed by creating folds and squeezing them together until you’ve gathered all of the edge into one central point. Then fold that central point and pinch it shut.

berry momos folded

Heat about ¼” of coconut oil in a cast iron or other heavy duty skillet over medium-high heat. When the oil is hot, gently set the momos into the oil using a slotted metal spoon, one at a time. When you can see the bottom of the momo is golden, turn it on to its other side using the slotted metal spoon or spatula. When both sides are golden remove the momos one at a time and place on a napkin-covered plate so excess oil can drain. Let cool slightly. Then transfer to a clean plate and dust with powdered sugar. Now celebrate the possibility of world peace thanks to love, sweet love … and berry momos. xoxo  

berry momos