Say Hello to XO Flo Mini!

It’s finally here! Meet our Kickstarter-supported, thoughtfully-designed second menstrual cup, XO Flo Mini.

XO Flo Mini is a smaller version of our original cup, XO Flo. The Mini is a perfect fit for young people or teens, those with a light flow, and those with a low cervix or sensitive bladder. Despite its smaller size, it has approximately double the capacity of a tampon! Like XO Flo, it’s made with medical-grade silicone and can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time.

(New to menstrual cups entirely? Read all about them to get started!)

XO Flo Mini Tips

Whether you’re already a seasoned cup user or a complete beginner, we want to set you up for success with XO Flo Mini! Here is some advice to start you off right:

  • Due to its softness (flexibility is a key feature!), the Mini might not open as readily as the XO Flo after insertion. Making sure the folded part of the cup that will “pop” is not against the pubic bone area can help. When using a C-fold or Punch Down fold (or any style fold), insert Mini with the folded part facing the perineum. Because anatomically the vaginal canal is softer opposite the pubic bone, you can use the length of a finger to gently press, making more room for the Mini to pop open on its own after insertion.
  • Because the Mini is shorter than XO Flo, it’s a good idea to keep the full length of the stem until you’re sure you don’t need it for safe removal, at which point it can be trimmed if you’d like. Some people choose not to trim their stem at all as the beaded, rounded shape minimizes irritation to the vaginal opening.
  • If you choose to keep the full length stem intact, be sure to “move up” along the beads during removal — don’t try to remove the cup by pulling just the lowest bead. Tug gently on the highest bead you can reach, until you can press gently along the side of the cup to break the seal, then move your fingers up along the stem until you can grasp the cup and complete removal.
  • Cleaning out the anti-suction holes can be a snap! Fill the basin of the cup with water during washing, cover the top opening with your palm and squeeze the water out by pressing the sides of the cup. The soapy water will come out through the two anti-suction holes along with any build-up. Just be careful to squeeze slowly and aim into the sink.

xo flo mini

Excited to try one for yourself? Get an XO Flo Mini on its own or as a kit (comes with handy items that are perfect for first-timers)!