Your Vagina Questions, Answered

Two badass gynecologists, Dr. Jenn and Dr. Erica from The VWord Podcast, recently took over GladRags’ Instagram stories, sharing some insight from the other side of the speculum, and answering your questions about all things vagina-related. Here are some highlights! And be sure to check out the podcast for everything from masturbation to planning for birth and sooo much more!

Dr. Erica and Dr. Jenn

  1. Fun facts about your uterus:
  • It holds the only disposable organ in the body (the placenta)
  • Some people have two (uterus didelphys)
  • And some have none (congenital absence)

2. Don’t douche! “What about Summer’s Eve?” Not even that. Unfortunately “feminine wash” products are just marketing ploys to take your $ and make you think your vag needs to smell like a lily field. All you truly need is warm water, truly.  3. “Can I wear a menstrual cup with an IUD in place?” Absolutely. Theoretically you could pull out the IUD if the strings catch on the cup edge and you pull too hard, but just go slow when taking out the cup and if you feel tugging, try a different part of the cup edge.  4. How does breastfeeding affect your period?

  • Exclusive, around the clock breastfeeding may totally stop your period.
  • The hormones in your brain that help the milk come in also make the uterus contract –> spotting
  • You will ovulate (can get pregnant!) before your first period comes back after birth

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