Eat, Drink, And B Corp

A Very Merry GladRags Gift Guide

So you want to give someone a thoughtful thing that you’ve handmade with love. You want to wrap it in upcycled fabrics and have it mean so very much, with very little waste, and without contributing to the rampant consumer culture that’s decked the halls with boughs of garbage. But if the best of your intentions are met with the scarcity of time, here are some gift ideas from a few fellow B Corps, (companies who also believe that being thoughtful and striving for zero waste are way better than selling stuff for the sake of stuff).

Scout Books

B a writer, or a doodler, or a keeper of secrets! These little notebooks from our friends at Scout Books are made in Portland, OR of 100% recycled materials and vegetable-based inks. Write a little poem on the inside cover, or tuck a hidden drawing amongst the pages, and make a gift that someone will adore.

image via @scoutbooks

Love Bottle

B-eautiful, reusable, made in the USA glass bottles from Love Bottle make our hearts pitter patter. Fill one up with some kombucha or spiced cider, and hand deliver to a neighbor or coworker for a gorgeous gift that will B enjoyed over and over and over again.

photo via @lovebottleusa

Pukka Tea

“Relax” and “Love”, two of our favorite words, and two of our favorite organic herbal tea blends from Pukka! The gift of tea will be a sweet reminder to stop, sip, and B present.

Bee’s Wrap

B a dear and go put away the leftovers, would you? Sure, you could totally make your own reusable beeswax wraps. But … will you? If you’re like us and have already run out of time to B crafty, then check out these gorgeous wraps from Bee’s Wrap!

Image via @beeswrap


We’ve been doing our best to use business as a force for good as a certified B Corp since 2012. We’re women-owned, we make reusable products, we use only recycled, recyclable, and/or biodegradable materials for packaging (if we use any at all!), we’re cruelty-free, made in the USA (and as close to home in Portland, OR as possible!), and we work with nonprofits to help educate and alleviate period poverty. When you give someone a reusable cloth pad or XO Flo menstrual cup, you’re also letting them know that all those things matter to you, too. XOXO