How You Helped

In June GladRags ran a Buy One, Give One campaign. For every online purchase that was made of four of our most popular products, like our Cloth Day Pad and our menstrual cup XO Flo, we promised to give the same product to an essential worker in the community. And so we did. Here’s how your June GladRags purchase helped!

Overall we were able to send 427 pads/cups to to 135 individuals. 26% went to food/grocery workers, 42% went to farm workers, 30% to healthcare workers, and 2% to childcare workers.

In July GladRags opted out of advertising on Facebook and Instagram as part of an initiative to #stophateforprofit. Instead we donated our monthly advertising budget to The Black Resilience Fund, a local Portland effort that’s directly funding individuals and families in the community who are experiencing financial distress. We were able to do this because our customers are the best customers, and you helped us organically spread the word about our sales and offers that we normally would have pushed through paid advertising.

GladRags is a small business with big dreams. And thanks to our customers, despite this immensely difficult year we have been able to stay in the business of making and providing healthy, zero waste menstrual products. And because we’re still in business (thanks to you!) we were also able to assist with the donation of over 500 pads, books, and zines to Island Girl Power in Guam, and Brown Girl Rise in Portland!

cloth pads in floral prints sit on top of boxes ready to ship out, a GladRags printed user guide is on each one.
Cloth pads for Island Girl Power in Guam, on their way out the door!

Thank you for helping GladRags help others! We love you!