You Take Care

To be honest, we didn’t know that “Self Care September” was a thing until this year, but holy moly, what a year to find out! We focused our intention this month on the different ways we can show ourselves love. Self care isn’t indulgent or selfish, it’s a necessary priority. We can’t show up for others unless we show up first for ourselves. Here are some little ways to show yourself care.


Unlike breathing, hydration is not an automatic function. We need water, but we also need to mindfully control how and when we hydrate our bodies. Keep a reusable bottle filled with fresh water with you at all times, and you’ll find that mindful hydration becomes an easy habit of nurturing your body with the sweet, cleansing water it so craves. Sip sip, self love. Sip sip, self care. Sip sip, repeat! 💙⁣


We love this idea from @nicolejgeorges, “I *personally* need a daily practice that is deliberate and doesn’t include listening to chat-shows as I doom scroll. 💎 I offer you these worksheet templates. They were helpful to me this week. There is a big worksheet, and a circle in which to have an animal tell you something you need to hear. Of course copy my cat or draw your own!⁣ Please share & copy these worksheets freely. Make them your own! Free downloadable copies at ⁣”


You are a work of art, and artist @9shin_ captures that sentiment in this stunning embroidery: “Dear Body,⁣ You were never a problem. There’s nothing wrong with your size, your curves, your scars, your flaws, your stretch marks or you.⁣ It’s not your job to look like the people in advertisements. It’s not your job to look “pretty”. You’re good enough already. Thanks for being there for me always. And I am so sorry that I did not love you, like you deserved to be loved.”⁣


Self-affirmation is powerful. Telling yourself out loud simple things, reminders, is a healthy way to provide yourself with emotional support and encouragement. Whatever you need to hear, you can be the one to say it to yourself. Go on. YOU ARE BRAVE. Art by @worry__lines.


Turn off the screens and open a book. We recommend “The Body Is Not An Apology; The Power of Radical Self-Love” by Sonya Renee Taylor. And we also recommend supporting your local bookseller! When you buy local, you bring the love back home to your own community, which is in and of itself a form of self care!


This recipe for a “UterZen Latte” was shared by our friend Carrie at @ourstabletable, and it is a favorite go-to for a little extra self love. Coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cardamom … you’ll feel like you’re drinking a hug. Find the full recipe here.


Herbal steams can be a mood brightener while they help humidify your space. These lovely photos and steam tips come from @sauvieshrubs. 💐⁣

“Get creative with your blends. You can use culinary herbs: rosemary, thyme and sage are great ones. Also citrus: orange, lemon and grapefruit peel and juice if you like. Dried flowers: roses, lavender, chamomile and calendula to name a few. Gather from our tree friends: cedar (look for wind blown downed boughs) and fir needles.⁣ If you’re picking or gathering from outside in these [smoky] conditions be sure to wash your ingredients before steaming. I used 3 cups hot water to 1 tsp white vinegar, soaked everything, rinsed and dried (chime in if you have another way to clean plant matter). ⁣

You are not limited to a Pot on the Stove. Consider a Crock Pot (if you have a gas stovetop you’re gonna want to opt for this) for all day steaming, use your Difuser with loose leaf or even bagged tea if you don’t have other ingredients. I used boiling water and @scrapberryfarm De-Stress This Mess loose tea blend as well as @gatherwise Calming Bath & Facial Steam tea blend and added a bit of rose and geranium essential oil to the mix.

Consider making herb bundles or medicinal herb bags for friends, family, neighbors, community and anyone in need.”


Dance, draw, sing, cook, shake and bounce, make faces in the mirror, bang on pots and pans, put on make-up, dress up in costumes, or get totally naked and spin in circles til you’re dizzy! You do you, in whatever way you wanna.


It’s okay to want to crawl in bed right now. It’s okay if you DO crawl in bed right now. Climb into clean sheet night (or day), let yourself be hugged by the coziness, and take extra care to care for your extra awesome self (pretty please from your friends at GladRags 💕). ⁣


We don’t know who made this self identity sheet, but we love it. Be who you are and let others know. Tell them your pronouns. Tell them it’s cool or not cool to call you dude. Tell them cute is for kittens and you prefer beautiful. Your identity is unique to you, and no one on earth knows you as well as you do, so embrace it, share it, be you.


Sometimes there just isn’t the time for a rejuvenating bath. And sometimes there’s not enough chocolate in the house. And sometimes everything just feels like TOO MUCH. During all those sometimes, we hope you can find a simple way to still show up for yourself and give yourself the love you deserve. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and noticing your breath, feeling into the ground where you sit or stand, and noticing air moving over your skin. The sheer marvelousness of you! Alive and electric, filled with magic and mystery, you have been with yourself your whole life! Give yourself a hug. You are amazing.