A Day In The Life Of Reusables

A daily account (times 3!) of cloth pads and menstrual cups in real life.

There has never been a time on earth that has offered as many options for period supplies as there is right now this very second. And here we are for it! If you’ve been curious about reusable period products like cloth pads and menstrual cups, but aren’t really sure how they work in real life when it comes down to the day to day details, this post is for you!

Three of us on the GladRags team took notes during our recent cycles in order to share with you the products that we use personally to care for our periods. Your period is as unique as you are, and it will change throughout your life. So having different options on hand, from pad and pantyliner sizes to cup styles, means you’ll be able to have custom menstrual care that’s right for you at every stage.


I’ve been anticipating my period, so I’ve been wearing a GladRags pantyliner. Went on a walk, and voila! Hello period.

(DAY 1) Swapped for a fresh pantyliner after 4 ish hours. Still light flowin after 6 hours. Changed to a pantyliner plus in the evening. I’ll probably sleep with this. I like the longer coverage for light flow nights.

(DAY 2) Woke up around 7am. Swapped out the pantyliner plus for XO Flo Mini + a regular pantyliner and headed out on a hike. Got home around 1:30 and removed the cup. Glad I wore it. It was half full. Washed and put the cup back in. Removed the pantyliner and decided I’m good to go backup-free for the rest of the day. Emptied, rinsed with soap and warm water, and reinserted my cup before bed, no pantyliner.

(DAY 3) Slept in a bit and had my cup in for about 10 hours total. Emptied and went with the cup/ pantyliner combo for the morning. Feeling like my flow is getting heavier. Took out my cup after about 5 hours and it was true, it was about 1/2 full. Emptied, cleaned, reinserted with a pantyliner backup. Another 5ish hours later emptied my cup again. Half full. Or half empty? Cleaned and reinserted for the evening.

(DAY 4) Ended up sleeping in my cup and had it in for about 11 hours. Removed in the morning. About 1/3 full. Emptied. Washed with soap and water. Then put on a Day Pad. I probably won’t use my cup again the rest of this cycle, so I’m currently soaking it in a diluted hydrogen peroxide mix. Changed into a fresh Day Pad after about 7 hours. Swapped it out after about 4 hours for a fresh one to sleep in.

(DAY 5) Woke up and changed into a PPlus. Wore for most of the day. Changed into a regular pantyliner in the late afternoon. Flow is super light. Changed into a fresh pantyliner for overnight.



Day 1:
I think my period is starting. Grabbed a Day Pad. After work I realize this might just be some pre-period spotting, switch to a Pantyliner Plus. Before bed I put on a Night Holder for light spotting but full coverage (got a new mattress recently and I will not accidentally stain it!)

Day 2:
Intermittent spotting. Day Pad for most of the day and a Night Pad at night in case things really get going.

Day 3:
Okay, my period is actually starting. We’ve got cramps, we’ve got sugar cravings, we’ve got EMOTIONS. My period tracker notes read: DAY PAD, DAY PAD, DAY PAD, NIGHT PAD PLUS, MOOD: SAD.

Day 4:
2 Day Pads
1 Night Pad Plus

Day 5:
1 Day Pad
Could have used a pantyliner but i only wear black underwear and black sweatpants soooo…. *shrug*



Day 1: Felt that pre-period crampin start this morning and knew what was a brewin. Finally started flowing at 11 am so I washed my XO Flo Mini with warm water and soap and put it in. My first 2 days are always the heaviest and the worst, but at least I can put in the cup and not worry about leaking while my cramps go crazy. Just washed my hands, emptied the cup, and reinsterted at 5pm! pretty light flow so far but those cramps are rolling. Emptied and reinserted the up once more before bed at 10pm.

Day 2: Woke up at 7 and took a glorious hot shower. Emptied the cup in the shower and washed it and reinserted. Cramps are trying 2 murder me but at least I don’t have to worry about leaking. Emptied at 3, back in, emptied again and reinserted at 9 and then slept like a baby.

Day 3: Another day another period product, just kidding because all I need is the the XO Flo Mini. Woke up at 7, emptied my cup, washed it and reinserted. Emptied at 2 pm. Took a shower before bed and emptied and reinserted at 10pm.

Day 4: Just the cup, baby. Emptied at 9, washed and reinserted. Emptied at 4pm, reinserted, emptied at 10, reinserted, SLEPT.

Day 5: Woke up and took the longest shower possible, emptied the ole cup and washed it with soap and water. Decided I didn’t need it really anymore and that was that folks! She’s back in the cotton storage bag for next month!


What Will A Day In The Life Of Reusables Look Like To You?

Hard to say. But we hope it’s as fun as this … 😁