One Tree Planted Per Purchase For Earth Month

Pick your discount and support Orca Project

Happy Earth Month! This April GladRags is hoping to make it easier for people to switch to reusables by offering a pick your discount offer. Customers can choose the discount that they need the most right now, from 10% – 20% off, to move toward a zero waste period with cloth pads and menstrual cups. Discount codes are: EARTH10, EARTH15, and EARTH20.

Plus, for each order placed this month on we will plant one tree with One Tree Planted, in support of the Orca Project.

These Trees Mean So Much

One Tree Planted is working with partners across the Pacific Northwest in order to plant trees around the rivers and streams that feed into the Orca’s habitat. Trees planted reduce water contamination, protects salmon spawning grounds, and improves the food supply for the Orca.

The Endangered Southern Resident Orca have called the stretch of Pacific Ocean from Northern California to British Columbia home for millennia. Every year, as the Orca’s migrate North to South and back again they rely on the West Coast Chinook salmon for food (nearly 80% of their diet). However, salmon stocks are diminishing due to loss of habitat and increasing pollution – ultimately impacting the Orca downstream. Planting trees along rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest restores habitat for the endangered orca. Trees help reduce pollution and improve the health and quantity of salmon for the orca to eat!

– from One Tree Planted

Pick Your Discount, Plant A Tree, All Month Long