How To Make A Sustainable Kit for Out and About

Have you ever seen a sign in a grocery store parking lot that says “Don’t forget your bags!”? We want to give a little shout out to the brains behind that helpful reminder, because, yep, there have been times the bags were forgotten, and that sign helped them be retrieved. Reminders can help make for healthier habits. So with a nod of thanks to the “Don’t forget your bags!” sign-maker who helped us make remembering our bags a habit, we thought we’d remind and/or show you how to make a sustainable kit for out and about, and not just for getting groceries.

bring it

Chances are, if you’re already practicing the reusable bag habit, you likely have a favorite reusable water bottle, and probably a go-to travel mug for coffee and tea, and maybe they’re completely covered in stickers like ours are.

Reusable essentials for out and about: An insulated travel mug and BPA-free water bottle.

level up

Over 50% of the plastic that’s produced is for single-use purposes. So if you’re ready to level up beyond reusable bags and beverage containers, here’s an example of how to build a sustainable kit for the car (or backpack) that you can create using items you probably already have:

  • Period Care – Include a couple of clean cloth pads and pantyliners in a waterproof Carry Bag, just in case Flo shows up. You could also include a couple of applicator-free tampons, in case someone else is in a period pinch. If you find you frequently need OTC pain medication, skip buying the travel sizes, and get the economical container instead. You can put a few in a reusable travel container (we re-used an old lip balm container here) to add to your kit.
  • Sanitation – Include a clean face covering for when masking up is required or recommended, and a refillable bottle with hand sanitizer.
  • Meals To Go – Keep a set of reusable utensils rolled up in a cloth napkin. Don’t forget the straw! Bring along a reusable container with a secure-fitting lid to take leftovers or to-go items. And even though you already have a sweet travel mug and water bottle, you may also want a stainless steel cup for refilling your kombucha or for hitting up that kid’s lemonade stand on the corner.

reduce, reuse

Use what you have! That’s what makes this fun. It’s YOUR personal, sustainable, out-and-about essentials kit. Maybe your cloth napkin is your old Green Day t-shirt. That’s cool. Maybe your utensils are the camping sporks that your ex left behind and the to-go container is the empty butter tub that Mom uses when she delivers you soup. Put it all together inside a conveniently-sized, washable bag, like the drawstring bag you got when you ordered your favorite stretchy pants, maybe.

Reusable out and about essentials inside a drawstring bag.

good to go

That’s it! Put that kit in your car where it’s within easy reach, or in your backpack if you’re on foot, biking, or zipping around town on your rollerblades. You’ll be prepped and good to go with exactly the essentials you need for living more sustainably day to day, and out and about.