The GladRags Team: Meet Meagan!

Hey, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Meagan and I’m the person you’ll reach if you want to gab about sustainable menstrual products! Before you entrust me with your personal questions or general customer queries, I figure you’d probably like to know a little more about me and my history with GladRags.

Once upon a time, in a Portland neighborhood far, far away, a friend of mine told me about a magical little device called the Moon Cup. The adventure that this little cup would send me on eventually brought me to the GladRags family as an enthusiastic disciple and I began traveling the land to spread the word of a more sustainable cycle!meagan b gladrags

In less fairy tale terms, I attended conventions and helped to run tables at various events to speak with women about GladRags. Over the last five years I’ve talked to hundreds of you and heard all kinds of first hand experiences with GladRags’ product line! While some ladies like to share cooking tips, I love to share tips on how best to keep your pads stain-free, or how to get a great seal with your menstrual cup.

In my non-GladRags time, I’m a hopeless makeup addict, allergy-friendly baking enthusiast, purveyor of odd cocktails, sashimi-loving gaijin, and pug dog wrangler. If you want to call and chat about the virtues of always carrying a lint roller or how MAC’s Lady Danger is the best red lipstick, you know my number! Of course, I’d be happy to help you with your GladRags order as well.

Absorbently yours,

Meagan B.