A Thank You to Period Kit Sponsors

GladRags has an option on the website where people can Sponsor Period Supplies for someone in need. We partner with non-profit organizations and provide them with reusable cloth pads and waterproof carry bags that they then distribute directly to individuals within the communities that they serve. Some of the recipient organizations for these sponsored kits to-date include Equitable Giving Circle, Operation Period, The Kwek Society, and Empower Women in Africa.

A trio of cloth pads lay on top of a zippered carry bag.

Many of our period supply sponsors choose to remain anonymous. And to those anonymous sponsors, we extend the biggest thank you from the bottom of our heart. Your kind gift of safe and comfortable period products is a game-changer.

And thank you to these gorgeous humans who have sponsored period supplies this year, making an immediate impact on the life of another person. We admire and appreciate all of you!

Standing Ovation for:

  • Brenda Mallory
  • Tanja Harshbarger
  • Heather Williams
  • Janaki Patel
  • Andrew Pidkameny
  • Michael Petteys
  • Beth Scarborough
  • Alexandra Davies